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Size true to the usual size.  The Valencian platform sandals are made by hand, following traditional techniques.  Design, groundbreaking and flattering with an ideal height that stylizes a lot.  Front strap on the crochet instep, with a 7-string jute platform. Ecru ribbon.  The height of the platform is 7 cm. Front part 3cm.  What we like the most: height and comfort go hand in hand. And the quality of the materials.

Vegan Sandals for This Summer

Vegan Sandals Summer 2023: Comfort and Style Without Sacrificing Your Values

Sandals are the star footwear of summer, but did you know that you can also sport spectacular models without harming animals or the environment? In this article, we will talk to you about vegan espadrille sandals and other sustainable materials that will be on trend in the summer of 2023.


What are vegan sandals?

Vegan sandals are those that do not contain any type of animal material, such as leather, fur, or silk. Instead, they use synthetic and sustainable materials such as cotton, linen, rubber, or microfiber. These materials are resistant, durable, and respectful to animals and the environment.


Espadrilles are a vegetable fiber obtained from a plant called esparto or esparto grass. It is very resistant and traditionally used in the making of espadrilles and sandals. Vegan espadrille sandals are ideal for summer because they are cool, comfortable, and breathable. Additionally, they are very versatile, and you can find models in all styles and colors.

Other sustainable options:

In addition to espadrilles, there are other sustainable options for vegan sandals. For example, you can find models with cork soles, which are very comfortable and environmentally friendly. There are also models with organic cotton or linen fabrics, which are breathable and cool. And if you’re looking for a pop of color, you can opt for models with microfiber fabrics in different shades.

Benefits of vegan sandals:

Vegan sandals are not only respectful to animals and the environment but also have other benefits. For example, they are very easy to clean and maintain in good condition. Additionally, being made with synthetic materials, they are highly resistant to moisture and wear, so they can last for many years.

Basic care:

To keep your vegan sandals in good condition, it is important to give them basic care. Clean them regularly with a damp cloth and let them air dry. If they have stubborn stains, you can use a specific cleaner for synthetic footwear. And if you are going to store them for a long time, it is recommended to keep them in a fabric bag to prevent them from getting dirty or deformed.

Where to buy:

If you are looking for vegan espadrille sandals or other sustainable materials, you don’t have to look far. More and more brands are embracing vegan and sustainable fashion, and you can find a wide variety of models in stores specializing in sustainable footwear or online stores. Some recommended brands are Vegetarian Shoes, NAE Vegan Shoes, Ahimsa, and Matt & Nat.

Platform vegan sandals:

If you are a fan of platforms, there are vegan options for you too! Platform sandals are perfect for adding height to your summer looks. In our online store, you will find models with espadrille platforms in vibrant tones and prints that will be the star of any outfit.

Buckle vegan sandals:

Buckle sandals are a practical and comfortable option for summer. Moreover, there are vegan models that are just as stylish as conventional ones. In our online store, you can find models with buckles on the front or ankle, in different colors and materials.

Toe vegan sandals

What would summer be without the classic toe sandals? In our online store, you can find vegan models with original and fun designs. From animal prints to sparkling details, there are options for all tastes.

Flat platform vegan sandals

If you prefer the comfort of flat sandals but don’t want to give up the platform, there are vegan options that can be perfect for you. In our online store, you can find models with flat espadrille or rubber platforms in neutral or vibrant tones.

In summary, if you’re looking for vegan sandals for this summer 2023, you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality. In our online store, you’ll find options for all tastes and needs, from strap sandals to platforms and buckle models. Take advantage of our selection and enjoy the summer with style and consciousness!




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